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Home School Art Clubs and After School Art Clubs

Offered by Creative Originals By Roxenne

Beginning in August I will be hosting Art Clubs in my home for Home Educated Students and Public Educated Students.

These clubs will begin Aug 30 and will be hosted on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Home Educated Students will meet 1:00-2:30pm and Public Educated Students will meet 4:00-5:30 pm.

Fee: $60

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Summer Art Camps 2021

Are you looking for an activity that your children will enjoy for a couple of hours a few days per week? Then check out my SUMMER ART CAMPS held in my home. I have 5 Camps that will definitely keep your child’s interest. They will take home a masterpiece they created each day.

Each ART CAMP has limited space, so I recommend signing up ASAP to hold a place for your child.

The Camps offered:






Release and Liability Form

Photo Gallery of Summer Camp Art Projects

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Finally I have retired as a dental hygienist.

I must say the first few weeks were overwhelming with many family issues that consumed my thoughts and daily hours. Once all that calmed down the reality of being home set in.

I Was Lonely!!

Oh my goodness where did my daily, enjoyable, intriguing and plentiful conversations go.

Well we can’t have that can we!

So let’s start filling our days with interesting goals and activities.

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Pyrography aka: Art with Fire

It’s been awhile since I posted so today I plan to upload an album full of my wood burning designs.   I am new to this form of art and I love it.   My sister is to blame.  She is a Pyrography Artist and her FB web site is called “The Bamboo Board By Deb”.  Check her Facebook page out.  She is amazing!

Pyrography art by Roxenne link:

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Spring Has Sprung

The fragrances of freshly mowed grass and recently tilled garden soil are stimulating my senses that it is time to get my hands dirty and plant my raised garden beds.

There isn’t anything more rewarding than being able to harvest fresh garden vegetables and enjoy the delicious flavors they add to our meals.

Hanging laundry out on the clothes lines and listening to the gentle flaps of the fabrics as the wind slowly dries the clothes brings the fresh aromas back indoors.

Watching the hummingbirds flutter and challenge each other at the feeder is a sure sign Spring Has Sprung.

Butterfly 9×11 $75 Original, $20 Laser Print

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Fall, Winter and Holiday Spirit

Well, the air is getting crisp, the night is arriving sooner and the croaks of the frogs have ended.   Time for hibernation!

Not totally!  This is the time of year that I can spend much of my spare time either drawing or sewing.   I have been working on a few quilt projects and and drawings.  Hopefully these will become gifts for friends or family. Below is just a glimpse of an ink drawing of my beautiful grand daughter.

2015-09-13 10.19.29

I love to draw my grandchildren.

Next is a picture of a  whole cloth quilted pillow I made for my co-worker’s birthday.  This is just absolutely beautiful.  Whole cloth quilting is an art that I plan to cultivate more.

2015-10-20 06.52.03