All About “Creative Originals”

Letter K

Wife, mother, grandmother, seamstress, quilter, gardener, and dental hygienist: I wear many hats!  Life has slowed down for me in this season of my life.  I now have time to try other adventures, like drawing.

Drawing is very relaxing for me.  I love to draw.  While raising my children I really didn’t draw much; too busy to take the time I guess.
These past few years I have started doodling and found that the more intricate and detailed my doodles were the more interesting the drawing became.  So, Sophisticated Doodling was born.

Sophisticated Doodling is what my friend calls my drawings.  I like that term, so I am using it to describe my art work.

Dental Hygiene has been my main career for 40 years.    Raising a family and home educating 2 of my children was also a high priority in my life.  My children are all grown with families of their own and have blessed us with a multitude of beautiful amazing grandchildren.

My grandchildren are very talented as well.  I do hope to feature some of their talents on my blog from time to time.

Take time to browse my pages and leave comments and feedback for me as well.   Thank you for your time and enjoy my drawings.



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