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Fall, Winter and Holiday Spirit

Well, the air is getting crisp, the night is arriving sooner and the croaks of the frogs have ended.   Time for hibernation!

Not totally!  This is the time of year that I can spend much of my spare time either drawing or sewing.   I have been working on a few quilt projects and and drawings.  Hopefully these will become gifts for friends or family. Below is just a glimpse of an ink drawing of my beautiful grand daughter.

2015-09-13 10.19.29

I love to draw my grandchildren.

Next is a picture of a  whole cloth quilted pillow I made for my co-worker’s birthday.  This is just absolutely beautiful.  Whole cloth quilting is an art that I plan to cultivate more.

2015-10-20 06.52.03


Watercolorist, Pyrography Artist, Quilt Maker, Teacher and retired Dental Hygienist after 40 years.

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